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JSON and XML Weather API and Geolocation Developer API

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What is Apixu?

Trusted by over 75,000+ users, Apixu provides a complete Weather and Geolocation API solution which:

Scalable and fully managed
XML and JSON format
Simple to use
Our FREE weather and geolocation API provides you with access to get real-time, future and historical data ranging from weather, sports, astronomy, currency and much more for your website or application for any IP address, city, zip or geo point in the world.

How does it work?

Real-time Weather API

City real time weather

Real-time or current JSON and XML weather API provides access to near real-time weather information for millions of locations worldwide.

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Up to 14 Day and History Weather API

Hourly weather forecast

14 day, hour by hour and historical detailed weather forecast for millions of cities and towns around the world in JSON and XML format.

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Geolocation API

Timezone, astronomy and Geo data

Time zone, Astronomy, IP lookup, Sports API, Currency API, Map API and Geo API

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Start Free, Upgrade Later

All data priced by API calls

Signup for free API and then upgrade at anytime. We charge ONLY for API calls per month.

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Up to 99.9% uptime

Fully managed and scalable

We manage the infrastructure, hardware and network. While you simply enjoy the data and leave rest on us.

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All data in lightweight, simple and easy JSON and XML format.

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