Apixu API is so easy to implement. Look at following examples on how you can form a request to get data either through a web browser or in your application.

  1. So to get current weather for London: JSON: http://api.apixu.com/v1/current.json?key=<YOUR_API_KEY>&q=London

  2. XML: http://api.apixu.com/v1/current.xml?key=<YOUR_API_KEY>&q=London
  3. To get 7 day weather for US Zipcode 07112: JSON: http://api.apixu.com/v1/forecast.json?key=<YOUR_API_KEY>&q=07112&days=7

  4. XML: http://api.apixu.com/v1/forecast.xml?key=<YOUR_API_KEY>&q=07112&days=7
  5. Search for cities starting with Lond: JSON: http://api.apixu.com/v1/search.json?key=<YOUR_API_KEY>&q=lond
    XML: http://api.apixu.com/v1/search.xml?key=<YOUR_API_KEY>&q=lond