Request URL

Request to Apixu API consists of base url and API method. You can make both HTTP or HTTPS request to our API.

Base URL:

API API Method
Current weather /current.json or /current.xml
Forecast /forecast.json or /forecast.xml
Search or Autocomplete /search.json or /search.xml
History /history.json or /history.xml

Request Parameters

Parameter Description
key Required API Key
q Required

Query parameter based on which data is sent back. It could be following:

  • city name e.g.: q=Paris
  • US zip e.g.: q=10001
  • UK postcode e.g: q=SW1
  • Canada postal code e.g: q=G2J Latitude and Longitude e.g: q=48.8567,2.3508
  • metar:<metar code> e.g: q=metar:EGLL
  • iata:<3 digit airport code> e.g: q=iata:DXB
  • auto:ip IP lookup e.g: q=auto:ip
  • IP address e.g: q=
days Required only with forecast API method.

Number of days of forecast required.

days parameter value ranges between 1 and 10.e.g: days=5

If no days parameter is provided then only today's weather is returned.

dt Required only with History API method.

Date on or after 1st Jan, 2015 in yyyy-MM-dd format (i.e. dt=2015-01-01)